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1. The Peace Anthem

2. Light of the day

3. On my way to you

4. Golden morning light

5. Living in a peaceful me

6. Blue stone mountain

7. All loving One

8. Into the wind

9. Day of great Joy

After 3 years production, and with some tracks that were recorded already 10 years ago, comes ‘Living in a peaceful me’. Next as a collection of inspired songs, this album expresses the quest for Inner Peace and Well-Being, which is universal and in the nature of all living things. The enchanting sound of Buraq (Celtic Bouzouki), breaths an atmosphere of ancient times. Combined with the deep and layered vocals, ethnic drums and various string intruments from the different conti-nents the music builds a bridge between East and West. Many of these compositions were inspired by the mystical poems and books from Frédéric Antonious Yoginâm Abbahjí, that carry in themselves the ancient wisdom that was passed on from generation to generation, for living a life of well-being, of meaning and Joy...

The Jewel Mystical Chants - The Peace Singer

1. The Jewel

2. The Breath of Heart

3. Oh loving Abbah

5. In Abbah I submit

6. The Home of Love

7. All is Abbah

Many people from various cultures and continents have said to be touched and inspired by these recordings since 2015.  Six universal and powerful chants that have been used by many in chants rituals, music gatherings and (Nâm) Celebrations. During the recording and mixing process the atmosphere and depth of a ritual setting werepreserved without losing the modern sonic qualitities. It is recommended to listen to these recordings with head-phones or on good speakers.

This song holds the ancient message that was carried through human history by the wise from all mystical traditions: It tells us we are all living in a Totality in which everything is connected in One and in which everything resonates. We all create the world around us and share in it, regardless if we are man, woman, child, student, baker, banker, lawyer, president, king or queen. We share in all that happens with the air, soil and water. We share in war or in peace, in supression or in compassion. This song calls upon all human beings on the planet about the task as a species, as a collective, as individuals, to make the essential change in the world around us, especially for the lives and Well-Being of The Next Generation...

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