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Rouhanyet Mystic Fest, Tunisia (TV special)
Eternal Tide
Peace Day Concert, Acropolium (Tunisia)
The Next Generation Project - India Tour
The Next Generation Project trailer Cameroon
Love is the nature of all being (In Abbah)
Mystic Festival, Rotterdam (NL)
The Next Generation Project, Mystic Fest Tunisia
The Breath of Heart - Acropolium Tunisia
On my way to you
Mystic Festival, Rotterdam (NL)
Living in a peaceful me
Schemerlamp Festival 'De Klasiekkers' part 2 
'The road ahead (Life the way it is) Live
'The Peace Singer Journey', Andalusia, Spain
'The Peace Anthem, Acropolium Tunisia
Peace & Love - Andalucia, Spain
Into the wind - Amstel Church Amsterdam
Backstage Mystic Fest Tunisia: Day of great Joy
Everything's alright - Andalucia, Spain
Lothlorien Peace Festival, France 2011
Beginnings - A piano journey
Teach your children
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