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A tale of Peace

Being on stage from an early age, it did not take him very long to realize that there seemed to be an undefinable but strong relationship between him and the people who were listening. As a young boy and singer/guitarist, Alexander Gustave van Breemen discovered already soon the magic of interaction and connection with an audience. Pursuing dreams of sharing music & songs with many listeners, like millions of other young musicans on this planet, he found his way through bands, studio's, at singer songwriter venues and at a certain point, unexpectedly as a succesful European popstar (with the band City to City) with the number 1 hit 'The Road Ahead ' that broke all the charts records from the previous 30 years.


Apart from the commercial succes, the performance of this song particularly found its way to the hearts of people in personal crises, who were searching for hope, redemption or comfort from a loss or being burnt out by the pressure of the ratrace in modern society. Being young and hypnotized by the sudden success, while guided by the hand of the corporate record industry, Alexander could not see that the stories of these people, from which he received their personal mail, were almost like an omen for his future state of being.


The pressure of a demanding life as a hitrecord-musician, followed by the public and media, eventually caught up with him as he broke down into a psychological and emotional crisis. Realizing that the pursuit of his dreams and following the footsteps of his idols, had resulted in his state of Unwell-Being, he instinctively did what people have always done in great despair: He made a cry for help into the unknowable. According to the old wisdom of ancient traditions it has always been said that 'a way will appear when the question is sincere'. At that moment life itself would provide the answers for the seeker. These answers came in the shape of a universal ancient wisdom and way of thinking and living that originated in the traditions of the East, with the inspiration from Yoginâm who introduced him to Living Nâm.

While disappearing off stage as a perfoming artist, living a more secluded life of meditation, he found a deeper meaning to life, like in the same way happened to f.e. Cat Stevens and George Harrisson. He was soon about to discover the transforming and harmonizing ways in which music and sound had been used by many Oriental traditions since ancient times. Listening extensively to the traditional and devotional music from f.e. India and The Near and Middle East, he discovered a depth and refined quality that he had never been able to find in the Western approach of music. Being part Oriental part Western himself, carrying genes of both worlds, the bridge between East and West seemed natural to him.


It did not take long before he was asked to musically guide particular gatherings where people would come together for meditation and to sing chants (specific word and sound phrases, with movements in melody that are repeated over and over again). It seemed as if life had been preparing him through years long experience of performing for large groups of people, who were singing along with his music, unconsciously shaping his ears, through which an ability had developed to conduct these gatherings. When he found out that in many (non-Western) cultures and traditions similar gatherings had always been part of daily life, as essential tools for Well-being, to remind people constantly that they are more than material, rational and emotional beings, it became clear there was a part for him in this. 

After years of guiding mystical gatherings he returned to the stage, as an international guest on peace festivals, and mystic fests in Europe, India and the Middle East. Being part Oriental, part Western he automatically started to build a bridge with his music between East and West. Usually joined by his instrument 'Buraq' he travels the continents and inspires with his songs, enchanting sound and message people from all cultures and traditions, in temples, ashrams, churches, festivals and concert halls. With the lyrics and nature of his music, inspired by the message of ancient human wisdom, and the urgent call from the world for inner peace, it was only a matter of time before he would receive the nickname 'The Peace Singer'. With The Next Generation Project in India, Europe, Tunisia and Africa a movement was started 3 years ago around the song 'All sharing in All (The Next Generation)', with the message to create and leave a planet for our children where they cannot only survive but also live in well-being.


Regardless of a major transformation into a different kind of person, he had always remained a songwriter. Being a person who started to look at the world around him with different eyes, naturally the character and content of the lyrics of the songs started to change accordingly. Inspired by Yoginâm Abbahjí's books and poems that contained the message of ancient human wisdom, and fueled by the urgent call from a world that seemed in great confusion and turmoil, songs about non-violence, inner peace, the eternal aspect of our essence, compassion, kindness and respect became the natural next step. His inspiration and drive became the ancient wisdom that modern science is now acknowledging: All Living is sharing in an unknowable Oneness in which everything is connected and everything resonates with everything else.


Returning to the international stage some years ago, as a guest of Peace festivals or as an opening act of demonstrations in a peaceful manner, it was only a matter of time before he received the name 'The Peace Singer'. By himself, with Buraq (the Andalusia Bouzouki) or with a group of musicians and singers, he travels the world, officially and unoffically, to temples, ashrams, churches, village squares, meditation rooms, festivals and concert halls, intending to spread a harmonizing resonance of Inner Peace and Love to all Living.




- May Peace be upon you -

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